Local Video Marketing

Those who know us well probably also know that Brenda and I are small town types. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing the bright lights at times, but we’re not the types to stray too far from the cozy comforts of home.

Was it any wonder, that we’d someday dub our first business venture “Local Video Marketing”?

Was it any wonder, then, that we’d someday dub our first business venture “Local Video Marketing”? Yes, local it’s been, with our earliest clients primarily coming from Central Florida, or not too far from our home base in Tampa. Actually, that initial plan has worked well for us, and it’s provided us many new friends and satisfied customers.

Still, some interesting things have happened on the way through 2019 and on our way into the future… Of course, I doubt it’s surprising to the reader that the Internet has brought the world closer together. Brenda and I constantly talk to old friends from thousands of miles away, and I even share business ideas with acquaintances from as far away as Sweden and Russia.

We’re no longer confined to commuting distance.

But here’s a sample of what I’m really talking about when it comes to our sudden “not so local” work… You see, not long ago, a young fellow wrote us from a small country halfway around the world. And he asked if we might help promote his business. Now, I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but I found it really easy to put something awesome together for him. All he had to do was send me a few pictures and a few video clips, write some notes about his brand, and then pick from some nice background music I had on hand. Amazingly, he and I didn’t have to meet in person, and I didn’t have to travel around the globe to gather what I needed for the final product. And, best of all, we’re talking about a huge savings on the cost of a quality production.

So, are we liking this newest version of our Local Video Marketing business? You bet! Where some might say “the sky’s the limit” for their business, Brenda and I might tell you that “the globe is the limit” for us.

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