Talk About A Match Made In Digital Heaven

Without doubt, these two have a blast working together, and they absolutely love their work.  You can be sure, then, that this translates to the way they communicate with and work with their clients.  (Just give them a call and see.)

As customers will attest, Brenda is a whiz at branding.  We’re not just talking about great artwork or web design, though.  For, her eye is always towards a client’s image, and she’s even helped create some awesome and lasting taglines for her past clients.  Need advice on optimizing your business fan page or website?  You can’t go wrong with Brenda's advice.

When it comes to all kinds of video, Dennis is your man.  He started working with (the analogue version of) that medium way back in the early 1980’s as part of his work as an elite level ice hockey coach.  In time, however, he was creating video commercials as well as instructional videos that would sell around the world.  More recently he’s become a specialist in producing cover videos for Facebook pages, so-called “explainer videos”, TV-like commercials for online use, whiteboard videos and a whole lot more.

Local Video Marketing

Let Us Help You Stand Out In The Crowd "Virtually"

Special Qualities

  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • A.I. Chat Bots
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Social Media Marketing

Perhaps Number One when it comes to Brenda and Dennis, is their love for learning.  And, while this constantly keeps them ahead of competitors when it comes to the latest in services, it also ensures that they'll leave no stone unturned in finding solutions to their clients' challenges.

Does this sound like they're constantly straying outside the proverbial box?  You can bet on it!

Still, they love the benefits of lasting relationships, whereby they and their clients get to truly understand each others needs. 

Customer Reviews

video marketing

Erin Murray Berger

Entourage Wellness

I was lucky enough to win a contest for an amazing package deal! I worked with Dennis on a cover video for my FB page, and Brenda helped me optimize the page to get the best results. They are easy to work with, cared about my input, answered my many questions, and made me laugh! Thank you for an incredible experience!

video marketing

Amber Garcia

The Country Boutique

Brenda and Dennis are very knowledgeable and make amazing videos! I recommend them to any business that needs help with marketing.


Tony D'Urso

Revenue Chat Radio Show

Dennis is extremely knowledgeable and helpful on all things marketing. Great video presentations. He always gives back more.

video marketing

Stephanie Roberts-Parker

Hair Stylist

Brenda is an incredibly talented woman. She truly cares about people and helping them to succeed and does everything she can to reach out and make you feel cared about. I absolutely loved her women’s business page she had a way of pulling people together in a close knit group that no other business page I’ve ever been on with my company has ever had. I highly recommend their services to help you brainstorm on ideas and marketing techniques to help your business thrive!

video marketing

Steve Whitmer

Walk with Christ Outreach Ministries

I am so happy with our logo. Thank you so much for a quality product. at a good price and a great turnaround time. We could not be more pleased and will definitely use your services again.

video marketing

Faizan UL Hassan


Best Marketing Services Highly Recommended

video marketing

Marc Lalonde

The Wealthy Trainer

5 star-rating, I highly recommend Local Video Marketing.

video marketing

Shawn Ann

Non-Profit Organization for rescued animals

Brenda is amazing at what she does! She has helped increase my business so much. Her level of knowledge is undeniable!

video marketing

Patricia Dys

Diamond Built LLC

Dennis and Brenda are very passionate in their work. They are committed to helping people succeed in their business & even personal goals.

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