Helping local businesses grow and prosper through the use of video and digital marketing

These sample "360 videos" are meant as  demos within which a potential client may experiment. 


For sure, 360 video is already popular in the real estate market (and it's possible that an agency without this new technology is going to fall further and further behind the competion).  However, allowing a viewer to "feel" as though he or she is right there can benefit a miriad of other businesses -- from sports venues to tourist attractions to large marketplaces to major events.   (We're also discovering lately that some salon-type venues are interested in giving future customers a "sense" of their place.  And some construction firms are even interested in showing off their finished works.)


Our prediction:  within time, this type of "virtual reality" is going to replace almost all forms of visuals, so that visitors to either a website or a social media post can enjoy the experience of "being there".


Okay, take a spin around (literally)...

360 Degree Video

This next 360 degree video contains some of the same footage as above, but also much more.  What we've also done is add some graphics to varying degrees of complexity.  We don't really suggest too much of this in most cases, because it can tend to distract from what a company owner really wants to show off.  At the same time, we wanted to demonstrate that a client's logo and some brief contact information can be placed over a 360 video.


Okay, once again a visitor can play around with the following video,  Know that you can stop it and look around from any given point, and then resume play at any time.  That's what stats are showing lately, too -- in that site visitors tend to spend a lot more time viewing videos of this type.  Of course, a client will enjoy doing that, if you have us create the video for you.