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Let us help you advertise and promote your business

Don't have time to post in social media? Don't have time to create marketing ads for your business?  Don't have the expertise or resources to create promotional graphics or short videos? Are you getting tired of being thrown into FB Jail? Do you need more customers but don't know how to get them? Want to get your business rated high in Google but don't know how?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to contact us soon.  Let's talk, and work out a solution to all of your social media challenges.

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These videos are really different

An explainer video is used often used when customers will be aided by knowing how a given service works or benefits them.


As a career ice hockey coach, Dennis became a master at creating instructional videos (many of them selling around the world).  So, much like MacDonalds and many other big businesses do, any local company can have training videos on hand to properly introduce new personnel to the right way of doing things.


Just to give visitors a sense of what might be done as an explainer or instructional/training video, we decided to insert an old video Dennis (aka Coach Chic) produced long ago for hockey coaches, parents and players.  To somewhat echo the way we described things earlier:  sometimes it's helpful to explain a product or service to potential customers, while at other times a business might like to automate training for its workers -- with either a single video or a series that can be viewed at ones own pace.  (A lot has been said about Dennis being able to break down complex subjects into steps that are easily understood:)

If you're ever in need of a very short (stinger) video to introduce or brand your longer video/s, we can do that for you.  There are all sorts of variables in our logo creation editor, but here's a short one Dennis uses often in some of his productions...

To discover more about these amazing videos and to see a sample, please click here



Build your brand identity with a logo customers will recognize!


Is your logo important to your online identity or brand?  Well, as one marketing guru suggests, “A logo is a visual cornerstone of a company's brand..."  And, along with its company name, the logo helps make a business memorable (think about the likes of Coca  Cola, Target, Nike, McDonald's and Mercedes here).


This in mind, we'll work with a business owner to arrive at just the right logo design for his or her company or product.  We'll go back and forth, and our client only pays when the final design work is acceptable to him or her. The final logo design will be provided in several popular graphic file types, and we'll also share advice about legally protecting your logo.  


An interested party might complete our Contact Form, and add "(Logo)" alongside the Company Name.  Logos and many other graphics projects are Brenda's specialty, and she looks for to helping you.


*Our logo design service -- as a stand alone item -- is available to companies around the world.


Let us build a new company logo for you


We can create any style of video to promote your business

Video production is Dennis' area of expertise, and he's relying on about 40-years of experience in this area.  As demonstrated below, he's able to create a wide variety of videos, whether it be for promoting a business or educating the workers within a business.  Just connect with Dennis, and he'll guide you through the best way to get your message across.

Please take note of the kinds of ads you're seeing on television lately...  What the big budget companies are now demonstrating on TV are the use of cartoons, so-called whiteboard videos, professional spokespeople, and a lot of other techniques employed by companies like Local Video Marketing and producers like Dennis.


Let our Talking Avatars help bring more traffic and engagement to your site

A visitor should have been greeted by Todd, our "talking avatar" or video spokesperson.  We have dozens of these characters -- from human males and females to cartoon characters to very human looking animated characters.  (We can work together to arrive at the best character and the best script for your talking avatar.)


$125 US plus $35/month (client may change a script every 60-days)

Facebook is famous for changing things without their members knowing, and Dennis and Brenda are just as famous for keeping up with the latest in social media trends.  Such is the case, when Facebook begain permitting cover videos for fan or business pages.  (As one Internet guru was heard to recently suggest, if he sees a business page that doesn't have a cover video, he knows that owner isn't even serious.

Let us create a website that suits your business needs, the design of your site gives that great first impression to a potential customer that is visiting it. An appealing and attractive design creates curiosity to that customer in your products and adds to your company’s online promotions.


We will help build site so that it's mobile friendly .



Let us create a website for you